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Everybody has a 'next step’, come discover yours.

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“You can live your deams”

Michael Delport, Founder

Trust in Michael

Michael is a dad, husband, and passionate entrepreneur, as well as a wealth/property/life coach and mentor. With over 30 years of experience in the financial service industry, 20 years of experience in property development and 10 years as a wealth coach, he founded GASP Education with the mission to provide actionable wealth knowledge to accelerate wealth strategies for everyday people. Throughout his 30-year career, Michael has had the opportunity to help thousands of people with wealth creation and financial management, while on the property development side, he has completed single block subdivisions, multi-dwelling housing estates and various other development types. Finally, as a coach, he has given hundreds of people ideas for proven financial success. Today, through GASP Education, Michael is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and enabling others to live their dreams. With educational programming and mentorship, he aims to allow everyone to think differently, discover, learn, and be inspired. As the coach and mentor behind GASP Education, he is grateful for the opportunity to help others discover their next steps through business and property techniques — welcome!

About GASP

At GASP Education, we believe in creating a life of freedom that makes a difference in your every day and across the world. We are a wealth education business designed to allow clients to create financial independence for empowered well-being. Through knowledge and mentorship, we help you find opportunities in your life to create wealth you did not even know existed. With the word GASP, representing those aha moments that will make you gasp, followed by the word education, encouraging you to gain knowledge and grow confidence — together, they offer thoughtfully created programs that empower you to live the life of your dreams. Everybody has a ‘next step’; come discover yours.

Our Approach

If you want to build wealth, but cannot seem to get there, chances are you are looking at your financial success all wrong. Fortunately, all that is missing is the knowledge necessary to create your unique road to financial freedom. The fact is there are many paths to choose from to build serious wealth, but it cannot be denied that a large percentage of multi-millionaires are both business and real estate owners. By discovering and understanding the various paths to wealth, we are ready to unlock your confidence and your success. That is where Michael comes in. At GASP Education, Michael shares his unique insights into how to build wealth using business and property techniques that have helped him, and hundreds of other self-made millionaires build their wealth. With Michael, you get to learn from his personal experiences — lessons, failures, hard work and perseverance — leading to invaluable industry insight and advice. Soon, you will be uniquely positioned to begin building incredible assets. Michael has discovered the core principles that lead to success in business and that ultimately build wealth, and he shares them through online courses, educational webinars, and workshops. He also provides holistic business coaching, business wealth strategies, life coaching and more.